Blocked Countries

Our network Radionomy is blocked in the following countires. On this page we list those countries we are aware of in which we are censored, and a couple of solutions for our listeners to get around these blocks. If you discover a country in which our station is inaccessible due to censorship, please send us an E-Mail so that we can keep our listeners informed. If you know someone encountering a block on our station, please share this page with them.




South Africa


If you discover that our station is blocked in your country, we have two solutions:

1) These blocks are the result of our network Radionomy being banned from streaming into those countries due to conflicts in Copyright rules and broadcasting laws. In order to remain in International compliance with various treaties such as the DMCA Compact, our network itself applies these blocks - and you will often here a recording informing you of the block when you try to access our stream on our primary audio server. We have a low bandwidth back-up server that is free standing and not covered under these blocks to which we simalcast all Live content, and most of the rest of the time as well. We recommend you first attempt to access this backup server to bypass a block. You can access our backup server on our main website, and HERE.

2) If our backup server is unavailable, we recommend using a high quality VPN. The two that we recommend are ProtonVPN and Cryptostorm.


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