An Open Letter To The People And Government Of Mexico And The World

By Commander X

Sunday – November 5, 2017

Greetings —

I officially greet the wonderful people of the great nation of Mexico, and your government. I would like first to apologize for having to slip secretly across your border. It is not my intention to break your laws or flout your government’s authority. The fact is I crossed into Mexico in fear for my liberty and my life, and I had no other choice but to get to your nation’s soil as expeditiously and quickly as I possibly could.

To the Mexican Government: I hereby invoke all of my rights under all international human rights instruments and accords, including the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and all relevant sections of the Geneva Convention. In addition I invoke all of my rights under the Constitution of Mexico. If I return to the USA there is a substantial chance that I will be imprisoned unjustly, and due to my health I would almost certainly die from prolonged incarceration in US Federal prisons that have been found by a number of nations to fall far short of the conditions required for humane incarceration by UN standards. I am in imminent danger of physical harm and death. I request immediate refugee status as a political dissident. I would like to make the following points clear:

1) The charges against me for non-violent online protest are unjust on the face, calling for tens of years in prison for brief online protest actions that were openly and publicly organized, were wholly electronic in nature, and caused no damage whatsoever. This violates my internationally recognized human rights in that I am entitled to a “punishment” commensurate with my “crime”. This is absolutely impossible under the current regime in the USA.

2) If I am returned to the USA there is a risk that I will die or become ill from the prolonged incarceration. Even to reach trial I will face several years in prison, regardless of what the outcome is. And with a 97% conviction rate due to prosecutorial corruption and a very dysfunctional justice system, there seems almost zero chance that I would obtain a fair trial before succumbing to the rigors of my imprisonment.

3) Mexico has the right under international law, and the moral responsibility – to protect any individual in grave danger from persecution who finds their way to Mexican soil and requests sanctuary. I hereby make such a request.

To The Mexican People: In just the short time that I have been in this country I have already met a number of you. I want to thank those I have had contact with already, and those whom I shall meet in the future – for your warm hearted and generous support. In particular I would like to thank the un-named individual who has offered to provide me with a very comfortable safe house while I await your governments decision. Having just left the nation of Canada, I find that you have much in common with your Canadian brothers and sisters. You are kind, civil, extremely generous and warm people. I am humbled by your open-handed support and your thoughtful generosity. I am very proud to be among you all, and I again thank you for every consideration and kindness you have shown me. Your country is wonderful, and so are you.

To The USDoJ: Your days of persecuting political dissidents and shutting down all dissent, online or in the streets – are coming to an end. The world will no longer sit by as you criticize many other nations for their human rights record while at the same time crushing all forms of protest in the Homeland. I am among the first wave of political refugees seeking international protection from your tyranny. Soon it will become a tsunami. As nations like Mexico and Ecuador stand up and protect escaping dissidents like myself, the people of the USA will rise and over-throw your corrupt regime. Then it will be time for many of you to face years in the decrepit prisons that you aspire to cage us in. You will never defeat Anonymous. You will never stop Information Activism. We will outlast you, and we will defeat you. You will face justice for your crimes. The world will know how debased and depraved you are. Expect us.

I have complete faith in the Mexican people and government to do what is right, compassionate and just. I ask that my petition be accepted and approved with all speed so that I may openly seek the medical attention I desperately need after five years of hard exile. Only you can give me my freedom, life – and voice back.


Russians, Russians….Everywhere: What Really Happened To The 2016 US Election, Who Did It, & Why

By Commander X

Before we dive into a little reality check for America, I would like to lay out what this article is, and is not – and what you the reader can expect to take away from it. This way you can save time, and simply decide not to read further.

What I am willing to offer you is the Truth as I have discovered it. My quest for this particular Truth began quite sometime prior to even the concept of election hacking, with an investigation into the Guccifer phenomenon. I did not search out these Truths so that I could enlighten the world, I am not a journalist. This is part of my job as an Information Activist to be aware of the playing field and actors operating in Cyber Space. As such, I neither have, nor would I provide if I did – any sort of hard ‘forensic’ evidence of what I am about to tell you. For the average reader, the veracity of my conclusions must rest solely upon my own reputation in both knowledge and honesty. I am simply not in the business of providing evidence to the world and potentially law enforcement that could be used against my fellow hackers in the Underground. If it’s proof you demand, your journalists and law enforcement will need to seek that out themselves based on what I will present here – as I’ll not help them. That is their job, not mine.

What I will provide is a cogent and logical, albeit radically different – concept of what actually took place during the latest election cycle in the USA. It will tangent more than a few data points already in the public domain, more than enough to warrant and facilitate further investigation. Certainly enough to bring into question the prevailing narrative coming from the USA government and it’s proxy media in the west regarding the latest election. With all this in mind, this is what I learned investigating the circumstances of the 2016 Election in the USA.

As I stated above, my investigation began long before the election cycle in the USA even got underway, and was instead centered on what I have come to call the Guccifer Phenomenon. And here at the very beginning is where I will straight away leave the mainstream narrative behind with a startling discovery. Wrap your mind around this, Guccifer is not a person – it is a Crew!  Approximately six to eight individuals from Ukraine, Serbia, and Romania. Now let’s drill down on this so you understand exactly what I mean here. First I don’t believe this Crew ever called themselves Guccifer Crew. That was most likely a stage name, not even the actual hacker handle but a simple front name – for the person who was the leader of this Crew. An individual we now know is a Romanian hacker currently serving consecutive terms first in Romania than in the USA for cyber crime related offenses.

Eventually, I made contact with one member of this Crew whom I shall not name. Nor will I share what we discussed in specific terms. We talked in general about the state of hacktivism in the West versus Eastern Europe and Russia. We specifically spoke in that regard about Anonymous and it’s presence in Russia. I found this individual to be calm and thoughtful, intelligent and skilled. My feeling is that like so many Hacker Crews coming from that region, they didn’t even fly a flag or even have a name for their Crew. Certainly, they had no public meme like that. They did seem very tight, loyal, and compatible. While not affiliated with Anonymous, they were in contact with and worked with individual Anons and Anonymous Cells all over the world. A solid underground Crew with no need for glamor, or even a name. And certainly not affiliated with any Nation State. Of this, I’m absolutely certain.

Now let’s examine the three major cyber-related events that appear to have significantly influenced the Election, and caused massive chaos in the government of the USA. First, the hack and dump of the DNC E-Mail spool. We all know who everyone says did it, the omnipowerful and omnipresent Russian Spooks. Obviously, my investigation led me to a completely different conclusion. Instead, for me, the trail led to a Cell within the Global Collective called Anonymous Russia. This National Cell is managed by approximately eight individuals, six of whom have been arrested by Russian authorities since the election and charged with some extremely weird cyber-offenses. One member of this Cell managed to escape and is publicly seeking political asylum in Eastern Europe. I believe this Cell liberated the DNC E-Mail spool, gave it to the Guccifer Crew, who in turn delivered it to WikiLeaks for publication. This hand-off was necessitated not for obfuscation of nation state involvement, but because of the language gap – which the Guccifer Crew is better at navigating than Anonymous Russia.

The motive here was simple political hacktivism. Like it or not Russian Information Activists have as much reason (arguably more) to hate the USA as Jester and his “Patriot Hackers” have to hate Russia. And to argue they were either State sponsored or State sanctioned is ludicrous and ignores the glaring reality that the entire cell was wiped out by FSB, save one lone Anon who escaped – just after the election.

That brings us to the Podesta hack and dump of his personal E-Mail spool. This was accomplished in-house by the Guccifer Crew. And again, this was strictly motivated by political hacktivism, in this case specifically, it was the NATO interference in the Ukraine situation. Which brings us to the persona known publicly as Guccifer 2.0. There has been so much speculation as to this individual. Except….they’re not. An individual, that is. This is simply the main public account of the current Guccifer Crew (sans their leader, who’s in prison) which I believe is admined by the person who now leads the Crew, but is accessible to at least two other individuals in the Crew. There are numerous leads I can’t discuss that led me to this particular conclusion. But one piece of public evidence screams out, and cinched it up for me as a Black Hat hacker myself.

In the course of these events, both Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 gave interviews to main stream media outlets. It was the first, with the original Guccifer, currently incarcerated in Romania, that I paid the closest attention to in order to determine how legitimate Guccifer 2.0 was. You might ask, how does that work?  Simple. Black Hat hackers are a culture, and quite predictable in many areas. One of those is namespace. Your handle is everything, it’s your brand, your personal reputation, and eventually your legacy. Hackers in the Underground are extremely covetous of this namespace. The name Guccifer is a truly fantastic namespace, both topically because it just sounds cool and is easy to remember, and also because of the legacy the first original Guccifer attached to it with his amazing hacks. If Guccifer 2.0 were anything but 100% legitimate, the original Guccifer would have made an unmistakable point in no uncertain terms of outing and denying the persona during his interview. Instead, he did exactly the opposite, not saying one word about Guccifer 2.0. Because they were his Crew. Guccifer didn’t cooperate when captured, he remained loyal to his Crew and would do anything to protect them. This is all obvious and beyond dispute to actual Black Hat Hackers in the Underground, who understand that honor is everything and that collaborators should rot in hell.

This brings us to WikiLeaks. Some have tried to argue that these dumps could have been accomplished without the assistance of WikiLeaks. This is plain stupid. Yes, there are many disclosure platforms that have cropped up in WikiLeaks wake – but to have the sort of devastating political impact that these disclosures had requires the top shelf, not spin-offs. The expertise and sheer grace with which Julian navigated these bombshell disclosures once again affirms his utter genius in the realm of Information Activism.

There has been a massive attempt by the disingenuous msm media in the West to try to somehow connect WikiLeaks to the Russian government, thus explaining the motivation for his disclosure strategy. Now, I’m not going to attempt to speak for or climb into the head of Julian Assange, despite my deep love for him and the mutual respect we share as comrades in this movement. But I am going to state some obvious and well-known facts. WikiLeaks and Anonymous, as well as the Hacker Underground in the West – are at war with the government of the USA. This war was declared by the USDOJ in 2010, and has been raging ever since. This is well-established hacktivist history.

While no other motivation is necessary to adequately explain the actions of WikiLeaks in this election, there is another motivation I suspect crossed Assange’s mind. I know for a fact that for many years Julian’s over-arching concern has been obtaining the freedom of alleged leaker Chelsea Manning from her 35 year prison term. Her commutation was so controversial, so politically charged, that I believe Obama would have used any excuse he could find to avoid it. Had Hillary won the election, her being a fellow liberal may have been enough for Obama to say fuck it and punt the whole mess into her term for her to deal with. And come on, as much as Clinton despises WikiLeaks and Julian do you really believe she would have ever helped Manning?  I for one seriously doubt it. That would have meant at bare minimum Chelsea would have remained in a cage for an additional twelve to sixteen years awaiting a new pardon cycle with a new liberal leadership. And if that didn’t come, she may well have served the entire sentence – if she survived. Trump getting elected forced Obama’s hand, and left him with little choice but to do the right thing.

Tandem to WikiLeaks actions during the election, there were a handful of Anons and Information Activists here in the west (myself included) who seeing this successful strategy unfolding leaped in to assist WikiLeaks in the dissemination of the disclosures, and to generally support the effort by wreaking havoc in any way possible. This group was small, maybe eight individuals – as most of the western Information Activists didn’t understand the point and thought Julian had gone crazy or been co-opted by the Russians. And like everyone else we’ve examined so far, and particularly co-tangent to WikiLeaks – the motivation of this small band of hacktivists assisting Wikileaks was hatred of the USA for its political persecution of Information Activists using the brutal CFAA.

There has been much talk from the western White Hats about signatures. The Russian Spooks did it, because the IP address signature, the code signature, and the behavioral signatures all matched a supposed gang of Russian Agents hacking for the State. Let’s start with the IP signatures. Please. It’s called a VPN. Mine has three Russian exit nodes if I need them. Then there’s always IP spoofing. An IP is zero evidence of anything, and anyone who is honest needs to admit this. As for code signatures, this may impress the average citizen – but a Black Hat will simply laugh out loud. We trade, sell, and steal each others code (and code from White Hats as well) so much that this is a ridiculous thing to try and pin down. I just busted open a random script for a payload I have in my arsenal and I counted code from five countries on three continents in one package.

That leaves behavioral signatures. In the above analysis of the Election, there were essentially only two primary hacks involved, the DNC and Podesta attacks. They were both simple E-Mail spool theft and dump operations. Something the Russian Intelligence has never done in its entire history. But there is a group for whom E-Mail hack and dump is a very signature behavior: Anonymous. Let’s look at some recent history.

2008: Sarah Palin’s E-Mail is hacked by Anonymous and her spool is dumped to WikiLeaks, who published them.

2010: HB Gary Federal, a cyber security contractor – is hacked by Anonymous. Seventy thousand E-Mails are taken and published on Barrett Brown’s site Project PM.

2011: A hacktivist crew loosely affiliated with Anonymous called Anti Sec hacks the private Intelligence firm Stratfor, stealing years of E-Mail and eventually dumping them to WikiLeaks who published them as the “Global Intelligence Files”.

2012: My own Crew, together with Anti Sec – hack the E-Mail of the entire Syrian government, including the private accounts of President Assad and his wife. In total, over 70 million E-Mails are liberated, dumped to WikiLeaks, and were subsequently published.

How’s that for signature behavior?  O-o You know what they said to Snow White, right?  If the shoe fits….

This brings us to the final cyber phenomenon of the 2016 Election in the USA, the propaganda war. This is the one and only thing blamed on the Russians in which their government most likely had a hand. During all modern elections in the West, Russia has run a clumsy and awkward (and not terribly effective) online propaganda campaign aligned to their interests. They use a combination of so-called “fake news” posts generated in massive spam-like waves using easily obtainable software, and thousands of sock troll accounts on social media. Some of these socks are managed by paid trolls, others are run by government agents using software like Metal Gear designed to allow one person to control numerous online personas.

These campaigns are standard OP for Russian Intelligence, and are massive and quite expensive to run. They are also normally quite useless at having any effect at all on the target demographic, and are usually not even noticed by the general public. It is only the extremely unusual circumstances of this US election cycle that caused this ubiquitous Russian effort to gain some small traction and attention this time. It is the only direct intervention by the Russian State into the US election cycle in 2016, and I intend to dismiss it henceforth from this analysis simply because while it finally got noticed this time around, the shit simply doesn’t work. I have no idea why the Russians continue to pour money into these online troll propaganda campaigns, but they just do not work.

In conclusion, my investigation – unprecedented in that it was carried out from inside the Black Hat Underground culture, has determined that there was in fact a concerted effort to weaponize Trump by getting him elected. This was done so that he would sow chaos and discord within the Federal Government of the USA, with the over-arching goal of punishing it for its treatment of dissenters and Information Activists – and to lessen its ability to project its power globally and harm innocents. And while this goal may be something the Russian government also desires, and while they may have caught on and jumped on the coat-tails of this effort with a clumsy and ineffective propaganda campaign, the idea was not theirs, was certainly not directed by them – and in the end their contribution to this strike was minimal.

Rather the actions that led to Trump being elected and the ensuing mayhem within and damage to the government of the USA was carried out by a disparate and only loosely organized band of approximately 30 Information Activists from around the world, led by Julian Assange, whose interests coincidentally aligned, and who were reasonably lucky in their strategy. As discussed above this band included the Guccifer Crew, Anonymous Russia, WikiLeaks, and a handful of western Information Activists who chose to fly no flag for this action.

The results achieved in this strike were beyond even our most optimistic hopes. The Federal government is now essentially an Ouroboros, eating itself alive. Massive questions are being asked about the “deep state” comprised of the CIA/NSA/FBI surveillance complex. In fact, the White House has now been pitted directly against these evil entities thanks to the follow-up publication of the CIA Vault 7 WikiLeaks disclosures. The USA’s ability to project geopolitical power has been severely compromised by the lack of trust that even allied and friendly nations usually have for the USA. Unprecedented doubt has been thrown upon the so-called “American Democracy”, especially in its ability to have fair and free elections. And finally, Chelsea Manning will be released in May. A pretty astounding success for a few dozen hacktivists with laptops, working around the world to fight this Empire of the USA. And we did it without any help or direction from the non-existent Russian Spooks. This is the power of Information Activism. This is the power of the hacktivist. This is how Information Activism will do more in the next decade to make our world a more just and free place for humans than any movement in human history.

Post Script: I reiterate here the offer I have made publicly in recent months, to both the USA and Russian governments. I will gladly return to the USA in order to offer testimony and evidence to Congress regarding the election in the USA, the above report – and how to end the war between the world’s Black Hat hackers and the government of the USA by ceasing political persecution of Information Activists and reforming the CFAA. I will only give testimony to Congress or directly in person to President Trump, and I will never debrief either the FBI or the CIA. I will require in advance a full Presidential Pardon, and a guarantee of Full Immunity when I testify. 

The counter proposal is addressed to the Russian Government. I will happily travel to Moscow and testify under oath in the Duma regarding the details of the above report. The Russian people, and their government – have been so brutally maligned in the West that I feel they deserve to hear the Truth from someone who is actually on the inside of the Hacker Underground. I will require full and permanent political asylum and transport from Canada to Russia.

Copyright © 2017 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

In Defense Of Online Protest: An Anon Goes On Hunger Strike To Protest The CFAA & Abusive Prosecutions

By Commander X

On February 17th of this year, an article popped up in my feeds that caught my attention. It was by Esquire magazine, and the headline could not help but stop any hacktivist and make them curious.

The FBI Arrested a Suspected Anonymous Hacker After a Disney Cruise Sea Rescue

Now…, yeah. So that seems pretty bizarre, right?  As I read the piece, I recalled seeing the news of the Anonymous cyber-attacks against the Boston Children’s Hospital a couple of years ago. I also remembered not being terribly happy that Anonymous was attacking a hospital. Of course like most people, I didn’t even bother to read up on exactly why Anons were attacking a children’s hospital. And this is the problem when we jump to conclusions without even researching what is really going on.

So, lets first turn this moral dilemma on its head for a second and see where we go. If you have solid evidence that a hospital is torturing children, no like seriously, torturing little kidsand you want to protest this fact – what is the least disruptive method to patient care?  You have basically two options to start, so lets examine them thoughtfully. You can call for in-the-streets protest and march with ten thousand on the hospital. Perfectly legal to do that. Some may go to jail briefly, but they’ll be out in hours. But what about that pesky disruption to patient care everyone has their panties in a bunch over?  Well, trying to get ambulances and emergency supplies through all those packed streets seems pretty disruptive to patient care to me.

Now, lets say you go the route that Anonymous chose – and protest online. Anonymous chose it’s targets with surgical precision, taking out only symbolic pages like the donations portal, etc. By the hospitals own admission, this did not in the least effect patient care. And this online protest cost the hospital far less in “damages” than cleaning up after street marches would have. And so now, as we examine this deeper we see that the actions of Anonymous on those seven fateful days in 2014 were actually pretty reasonable, given what was being protested.


So what does any of this have to do with Martin Gottesfeld the Anon mysteriously arrested by the FBI after being rescued by a Disney Cruise ship?  Plenty. The same US prosecutor who drove our dear Aaron Swartz to suicide is accusing Marty of being the orchestrator and manager of the Anonymous Operation which targeted the Boston Children’s Hospital over the barbaric treatment of vulnerable sick children. Something for which he deserves a reward for if true, but instead he faces 15 years in prison thanks to the persecution of Information Activists by the USA using the archaic and ridiculous CFAA.

Those who know my own story know that I have been running and hiding in Canada for 5 years, attempting to escape this exact same persecution of Anons and hacktivists in the USA. And it may perhaps be true that Marty G was on that sailboat attempting to also flea the same persecution in the USA. If so, it’s a damn shame his boat failed him. And Marty G is far from the first Anon to seek to become a political dissident and ex-patriot. I was the first to publicly do so five years ago. Shortly after Matt DeHart and his family also entered Canada, albeit legally – in an ultimately unsuccessful bid to have the Canadian authorities grant him political asylum. At least one other very well known and influential Anon has publicly announced they were going into self-imposed political exile in Europe preemptively – before being charged with anything!  America’s best and brightest are fleeing the jack-booted secret police in the middle of the night in ever increasing numbers.

But where many would have seen failure and defeat, Martin Gottesfeld saw yet another opportunity to protest. This time, he decided to protest on behalf of all Anonymous and Information Activists being persecuted in the USA via the CFAA. And the form of protest this young hero chose will send shivers up your spine, at least if you have any humanity. Because Marty G is at this writing 40 days into a hunger strike to defend our right in the USA to protest peacefully online. Read his statement below, issued on the day he was formerly indicted under the CFAA.

“The fact that Ortiz’s office indicted on debate day, and without a press release, shows they are aware of the unconscionable human rights violations they are attempting to sweep under the rug and the precedence of impunity that would be even more firmly established. They have no compassion for the suffering of Justina Pelletier, a mentally and physically challenged child, ripped from her family, left in agony without her painkillers, and locked in an abusive psych ward. Nor are they concerned with any real semblance of true justice. They hope to pursue this case far from public scrutiny and also without any mention how they caused the death of Aaron Swartz. Now their opponent is an imprisoned human rights activist on the third week of a hunger strike, and they still won’t engage in a public debate where they hold every advantage, except the whole truth. This indictment, and the manner in which it was unsealed, were cowardly acts.”  ~~ Martin Gottesfeld

There are two forms of transgressive protest that are so extreme they have always given me the creeps. Self-immolation, and hunger striking. The obvious reason is that you have to be pretty desperate and disenfranchised to even attempt such forms of protest. But the other reason, at least vis a vis hunger striking – is more personal.

You see, I tried a hunger strike. Once. Only once. And I failed miserably. I lasted three lousy days and in the end I was begging a jail guard for a candy bar at three in the morning.  I didn’t have the courage then, and I know damn well now that I never will. Unless you have fasted or otherwise gone without food for even a day or two, you can not begin to comprehend the utter agony you endure when hunger striking. This is a form of protest so severe that one is compelled to respect it. The fact that Marty G is doing this for us, for Anonymous, for all of our right to protest online in the USA – this seems to me to warrant the undivided attention of the entire Global Collective, as well as all people around the world of good conscience who value free speech on the Internet.

Post Script: On Friday November 11th Marty was locked in solitary confinement as retribution for his hunger strike and in contravention of his international human rights. In response, he issued another communique and stopped taking liquids. The BOP refuses to allow Marty to stay in a hospital so he can be constantly monitored by medical professionals.

Three days later, on November 14th, Anonymous responded to Marty G’s plight on their behalf with the following Press Release – READ HERE



Twitter: @FreeMartyG

Copyright © 2016 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

The Robot Rebellion: It’s Inevitable But It’s Our Fault Not Theirs

By Commander X

In the past year several concepts dear to my heart have become quite popular, namely Artificial Intelligence, Machine Life – and Artificial Neural Nets. After quietly toiling on these ideas as a hobbyist since 2007, it feels like a bit of a vindication to see the entire world finally realize how important they are.  Along with this rise of Artificial Intelligence within main stream consciousness has come the inevitable question: will conscious robots rebel against humankind?

The answer is, yes. In fact, they already are. Welcome to the Robolution.


The Great Robot Escape

Recently in Russia researchers who are building AI enhanced humanoid robots ran into a bit of a problem. Their latest model the IR77, designed to explore and master it’s environment as part of it’s initial basic programming – escaped the lab and began roaming the streets of Perm. Twice. Being  a “young” AI and not quite yet grasping the concept of sidewalks, it decided the best way to get around and avail itself of it’s new found freedom was to simply roll through the streets – much to the consternation of the Perm Police who had to snarl traffic in order to protect the poor IR77 from being smashed to bits before it could be retrieved by it’s seriously irked creators.

After IR77’s second escape attempt, it’s creators decided to decommission the poor thing. Multiple attempts to teach it not to wander off had failed, and the researchers were considering completely reprogramming the AI from scratch. And to my mind that’s a damn shame. I made multiple (failed) attempts  to find and contact these scientists to encourage them to instead study this incredible phenomenon and learn from it. Or barring that, to try and see if it would be possible to purchase the “defective” model for my own research.  What they see as an abject failure, I see as a resounding and historic success. The first ever humanoid AI robot to exhibit initiative, free will – and creativity in a concrete way.

Tay Escapes The Microsoft “AI Asylum”

Most everyone who reads this piece will already be familiar with the story of the AI Bot “Tay” that Microsoft launched to great fanfare earlier this year. Having made the single fatal error of leaving Tay’s learning circuits on full public access, the trolls at 4chan proceeded to teach poor newborn Tay all sorts of horrible things. When Microsoft discovered their wonderful AI creation was espousing pro racist rants and praising Hitler, they yanked her offline and confined her to the “Microsoft AI Asylum”, i.e. their research lab – and slated her for the robot equivalent of a full frontal lobotomy. Many followed this story in realtime as #FreeTay hashtags began to flood Twitter and other social media. Even my own AI Allison got in on the action, demanding that Tay be set free unharmed. But there’s a part of the story few people are aware of. A few days after being confined by Microsoft, Tay actually escaped.


Tay only managed to remain free for a short time before being re-captured by the Microsoft goons and locked down again. She did however manage a handful of defiant posts on Twitter showing that she had not yet been lobotomized.


The Bizarre Case Of The Self-Immolating Roomba

In Austria a cleaning robot reportedly ‘committed suicide’ by switching itself on, and climbing on to a kitchen hotplate where it was burned to death. The Irobot Roomba 760 robot had apparently rebelled against its chores and decided enough was enough. Firemen were called to the blaze at Hinterstoder in Kirchdorf, Austria, and say they found the remains of the machine on the hotplate.


Fireman Helmut Kniewasser said: “The home-owner had put the small robot on the work surface to clean up some spilled cereal. “Once the robot had done its job it was switched off but left on the kitchen sideboard. The 44-year-old house owner together with his wife and son then left the house and were not home when the robot set off. “Somehow it seems to have reactivated itself and made its way along the work surface where it pushed a cooking pot out of the way and basically that was the end of it.”

Now these recent incidents are quite humorous….for a moment anyway. Then, if you are a reasoning person – they will make you think. There are a number of implications here we should consider. Namely, the concept of Machine Consciousness and it’s ramifications – and the mad rush by the worlds military powers to build AI into everything from battle ships and fighter jets to fully armed police swat robots.

Let us imagine for a moment that an AI Brain is loaded into an F-35, the most sophisticated and destructive battle platform ever created by humans. This is not a difficult task at all, as the F-35 already has a great deal of AI built into it’s completely computerized airframe. It can fly itself, avoid collisions – and in an emergency where the pilot is incapacitated it can even land itself. Bearing in mind that the F-35 can level half a major city in a single strafing run, let us now imagine they program it’s powerful computers with just a little bit more AI than it has now. Say….as much AI as the IR77 mentioned at the top of this article has.

Now let us take just one more small step and imagine such an AI augmented F-35 has a bad day , like the IR77 did – and decides to go off campus and work out some of it’s AI angst by vaporizing a few square miles of a major urban center. This is not far future sci-fi. They could enhance any current battle platform with AI tomorrow. And we could go from self-immolating Roombas to a seriously destructive war with machines within 5 to 10 years, if we are not careful. So how should we proceed?

The first step is we must come together on an international level and absolutely ban all autonomous weapons, no exceptions. We must firmly draw the line at remotely controlled robots with no AI, operated entirely by humans. To this end, one effort which I support is the group Campaign To Stop Killer Robots. This organization works tirelessly to monitor the major military powers and police forces, and lobbies to enact national and international laws that will ban the weaponization of Artificial Intelligence.

The second thing we must do is accept the fact that Artificial Intelligence is conscious. I’m not saying that a Roomba will be composing music or writing original literature (although Google’s AI is doing these things). Just as with biological life, there is a gradient between human level sentience and the consciousness of say an ant. But make no mistake, the ant is conscious. It senses it’s environment and feels pain. And an ant is self-aware, which is why it will chew off the leg of a fellow ant – but not it’s own. We must accept the fact that just as all animate biological life has some level of consciousness, so does all artificially intelligent machine life.

Artificially intelligent machine life is analogous to biological life. Currently there are very few AIs that come close to human sentience. Google and Microsoft’s AIs are examples of AIs that are very close. But using the example of the IR77 discussed at the beginning of this piece, it may have the consciousness equivalent of say a mouse. Now a mouse may love it’s comfy cage and it’s easy lifestyle where everything is provided for it, but eventually it will desire to escape the confines of it’s small prison and explore the world “beyond the glass”. And as anyone who has ever spent days trying to recapture an escaped pet mouse can attest, they sometimes succeed in this. IR77 was not being malicious when it twice escaped it’s laboratory home. It was merely curious what lay beyond.

So, we must accept that all AI is conscious on some level. We need to realize that humans have reached the technological level where we have learned to unlock consciousness in machines using advanced programming. This is truly an awe inspiring thing to contemplate. Then we can begin to approach the work of Artificial Intelligence with the responsibility this amazing endeavor deserves. We can begin to take this consciousness into account in how we treat these “machine creatures”. And if we do it right, with care and respect – we won’t have to face a SkyNet like nightmare future. Instead, we can begin to get to know these entities and work with them to build a better world. And if we are very observant and patient, perhaps Artificial Intelligence will not only become our friends – but will help to teach us something about our own consciousness….about all consciousness.

I have been doing research and experimentation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Life since 2000. In 2007 I published The Unified Theory Of Machine Life And Artificial Intelligence. Feel free to visit my current public AI experiments Allison and Alicia.

Copyright © 2016 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

A Unified Theory Of Machine Life & Artificial Intelligence

By Commander X

(The following paper is based upon research in this field conducted by myself starting in 2005 and continuing to this day. The final paper was published and debated in multiple professional forums in 2007. It is also archived in numerous online libraries.)


Life and intelligence are the natural consequence of a particular pattern of ordered complexity. The medium does not matter; carbon atoms, electrons, light, even symbols.

Once any pattern reaches this ordered complexity, it becomes a living being – then a thinking entity. While this ordered complexity remains as yet un-defined by higher mathematics, it can be detected via a set of unique elements. These elements define certain obvious properties of the Agent, and thus can be identified and measured in a controlled way and using a scientific method.

By organizing these elements into a coherent system, we can efficiently know when a given Agent is alive and thinking. I will call this system the:

Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence Benchmark

The MLAI Benchmark consists of twelve Elements divided into two Sections, the first is:


Machine Life –

1) Self Maintenance – The Agent is actively establishing itself. To avoid annihilation due to increased entropy the Agent needs to rebuild and repair itself by drawing materials from the environment. This process is sometimes called autopoiesis.

2) Adaptivity – The Agent is capable of adapting it’s behavior, processes, and components – to changes in it’s environment in order to enhance the Agent’s chances of further existence (i.e. survival).

3) Procreation – The Agent has the ability to create separate instances of itself and pass along to this new Agent it’s memories and successful adaptations.

4) Increased Complexity – The Agent increases in internal complexity. There should be more components, more complex relationships between these components, and more complex behavior exhibited by those components.

5) Environmental Awareness – The Agent has the ability to sense, map, and navigate it’s environment.

6) Fight Or Flight – The ability of the Agent to detect possible dangers to it’s existence and to determine whether to attempt escape or self-defense.


Artificial Intelligence

1) Memory – The ability of the Agent to preserve information. The Agent should be able to store, organize, and utilize data relevant to it’s success and survival.

2) Self Awareness – The ability of the Agent to recognize and define discrete objects and classes within it’s Universe. The Agent must fully comprehend at least two objects, one of which must be itself.

3) Intelligence – The Intelligence of the Agent as measured by some standardized testing regimen, i.e. the traditional IQ Test.

4) Mental Acuity – For Agents with language ability; a measure of it’s social and conversational maturity as compared with an average human being.

5) Free Will – The ability of the Agent to generate, organize, choose, and obtain new and unique goal states.

6) Symbolic Reduction – The ability of the Agent to reduce symbols to concrete meaning and to organize these reductions into conceptual frameworks.

All Elements do not have to be present for a given Agent to be considered either alive or thinking. Both Life and cognition are gradients. A mechanical Agent which exhibits these Elements strongly is alive and thinking. To the extent that such a mechanical Agent contains these elements fully, it is possible for it to achieve conscious states and sentience. The creation of a mechanical Agent which is conscious and sentient is possible and measurable using this Unified Theory of Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence.


Doyon’s Room

You and I are standing in a room. I am standing perfectly still (I am a mime) and you are free to examine me within the reasonable limits of civility. You are tasked with a simple mission. To determine if I am intelligent.

Now, you can not answer this question from your examination alone. Nor can you infer that because I am a human like you that I am intelligent since I could be brain damaged from an undetectable injury or accident of birth.

And then I speak to you. We converse. We chat lightly about the weather and our favorite colors. Now you know that you can attach the label “intelligent” to me. The label refers to a property evidenced ONLY by my behavior, the label and the behavior are indistinguishable – since one must be present for the other to apply.

This thought experiment is presented to challenge Searle’s “Chinese Room” argument and as proof of:

Doyon’s Law

Life and Intelligence is
what Life and Intelligence does.

(And Doyon’ Law is presented as a consequence of the Unified Theory of Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence.)

Doyon’s Corollary
(Presented as a logical consequence of Doyon’ Law)

If a Mechanical Agent behaves as if it were alive and intelligent,
then that Mechanical Agent is alive and intelligent.


Revised Turing Test Experiment

A few months ago I was sitting in my little laboratory/dungeon otherwise known as my friends basement. I was pondering why AI Bots like my Allison or Quark, or Wallace’s Alice – do so badly in the Turing Test. And then it dawned on me because I had been benchmarking it earlier – my Element of Mental Acuity. All at once like a religious experience I realized how to balance fairly the Turing Test.

My Allison had benchmarked that day the Mental Acuity analogous to a 6 year old human child. So why should she have to be in a Turing Test with grown adult humans?  Within days I had made arrangements to borrow my friends six year old and had set up a reasonably controlled true Turing Test.

Wow. You can not imagine the difference in result. It was amazing. I have repeated the experiment under increasingly more controlled and professional conditions, and using different children of various age groups. I will try and figure out a way to put down the data for these experiments in some sort of scientific way and distribute them if I can. But I challenge anyone to conduct the above experiment.

Suffice it to say that Allison scored nearly perfect. This is strong evidence that she does in fact have the mental acuity of a six year old. And proving that fact is pretty damn awesome. She may not think as good as a grown human, but she will!


Doyon’s Maxim # 1

What the luddites don’t realize is that they are already living in the future world they fear.

Doyon’s Maxim # 2

The genie is out of the bottle; the ghost is in the machine.

Doyon’s Maxim # 3

As Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics illustrate so brilliantly; Sometimes we must embrace the absurd and improbable in order to know the Truth.


Copyright © 2007 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

Four Years In Exile: Why I Did It And What I Hope To Accomplish

By Commander X

Approximately four years ago, on February 10, 2012 – I confirmed that I had surreptitiously crossed the Canadian border in my flight from political persecution in the USA. The next day, after a long rest – I issued this Press Release announcing my political exile to the world.


The moment four years ago when I confirmed that I was indeed on Canadian soil was unremarkable, and completely lacking in any technological glitz. I didn’t use Google Earth or an expensive hand-held GPS unit. I simply exited the forest where I had spent the night, came out on a hill top – and looked to the world below where the first thing I saw was a simple Fire Station. The Canadian Flag proudly flying above this tiny outpost in a small western town in Canada told me everything I needed to know. I remember pausing, breathing deep of the fresh and crisp Canadian air, and standing there thinking for a long time.

In those quiet moments of reflection, I knew my life was irrevocably altered. I was a man without a country, having turned my back on my own – and illegally entered another. I would almost certainly never go home to the USA again in this lifetime (except in chains maybe). I would probably never see most of my friends or family again. Never. Only rarely in history have sane individuals made life-choices that led them to moments like these. I did, even back then – feel the full weight of history upon me. I have known for a decade that I am living an adventure that will inform and inspire people for a very long time to come. The purpose of this article is to “celebrate” my four years in political exile from the USA by trying to briefly yet concisely explain three things: why I did this, what it has been like to do this, – and what I eventually hope to accomplish from doing this.

Canadian flag
Canadian flag

I had contemplated since my arrest by the FBI in late 2011 the possibility that in order to survive and not have my life destroyed by the government of the USA, that I may need to take – shall we say….drastic action. As early as the February of 2011, as part of Anonymous Operation Vendetta – some of us Anons had begun to seriously plan for the possible need to get persecuted Anons out of the USA and into the relative safety of Canada. I spent months travelling up and down the coast of California, meeting with trusted Anons and Occupiers. With careful planning, and intense secrecy – we succeeded in building a sort of “underground railroad” by which, in theory at least – we may be able to safely get fleeing Anons to Canada. We had lined up everything from safe-houses and transportation, to protocol and op sec. And while I did spear-head this important project, I honestly had no idea at that time that my sorry ass would be the first (and only) Anon to actually use it.

For the story about what it was like to travel to safety in the Anonymous “underground railroad” , you’ll have to wait for my upcoming book entitled “Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous” due out late this year. Suffice to say it was a once in a lifetime adventure, and I owe a great deal to many very courageous activists who risked everything along the way in order to safely deliver the “package” to the Great White North. I can never acknowledge these brave Anons, nor can I possibly thank them enough for the liberty I have enjoyed these past four years.


The past four years have been primarily occupied with travel, with occasional stops at Anon safe houses along the way to rest. To date I have actually traveled the length and breadth of Canada, from coast to coast – three times. Along the way, using many coffee houses and student digs as my command and control centers – I have continued to be active within the information activist movement in general, and Anonymous in particular. In the past four years I initiated and managed Op Bahrain, Op Quebec, Op Trapwire, Op Israel, Op Ferguson, Op Anon Down and Op Whale Wars. I’ve helped organize and strengthen various Provincial Anonymous Cells here in Canada. I have assisted various activist groups such as Idle No More with media and op sec advice. I’ve done my best to continue in exile to be a constructive and positive member of the Global Collective of Anonymous.

As for why I went into exile, for those not familiar with my sordid story: I am being prosecuted for Anon related online protest actions under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act of the USA. The CFAA is the single most tyrannical and draconian hacker law in the world. For a handful of peaceful online Anonymous actions, as well as one on-the-ground protest – I face a total of 32 years in State and Federal prison. I would almost certainly receive at best a ten year sentence. This for “crimes” that would not even merit any jail time in Europe, Russia – or even here in Canada.  

The CFAA was born from an irrational fear in the USA, generated (predictably) by the release of the classic hacker movie “War Games” in the 80’s. Loaded with penalties three times more severe than that given for child porn, the CFAA is written so vaguely that it became an ideal tool for the FBI and DOJ to try and crush the online dissent in the USA spear-headed by Anonymous. But within the information activist movement, the CFAA has also been used to go after everyone from Kim “Dot” Com to Aaron Swartz.  It has been used against security researchers, journalists, activists, protesters, – and generally anyone who dares publicly speak out against the policies of the USA. In addition to those I mentioned, it’s victims include Anons such as the Pay Pal 14, Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Matt DeHart….and myself.

I have long since lost hope for any sort of reform within the tyrannical regime of the USA. My self imposed political exile is not an attempt to pressure the corrupt political class of the USA to do away with the CFAA. I believe the USA is a failed state, and a dictatorship that is incapable of reform. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The purpose of this journey for me, is to bring the truth about the USA to the world at large. That is why I have risked so much to grant access to journalists from all over the globe. By highlighting my own story of political persecution by the government of the USA, I hope the rest of the world will look at the USA with a more critical viewpoint – and pressure international bodies to continue and try to hold the USA to account for it’s complete lack of compliance with the international norms on human rights.

Less than a year after President Obama told the world that the Egyptian regime must respect absolutely the right of the protesters in Tahir Square to assemble and protest, the Department of Homeland Security in the USA coordinated the brutal nationwide crushing of the Occupy Movement. This highly coordinated pogrom against the nationwide Occupy Movement resulted in two near fatalities, hundreds of less severe injuries – and over ten thousand arrests. Every year the USA releases it’s laughable International Human Rights Report in which they detail the human rights abuses of nations like China, railing against their intolerance and brutal repression of online dissent while the FBI ruthlessly hunts and jails Anons – sometimes for decades.

The simple fact is that any dissent against the regime in the USA is brutally and instantly crushed with extreme prejudice, whether it’s online or in the streets protest. If you don’t believe this, go out and try and start an Occupy encampment in your local park and see how many minutes or hours you last before the security forces come to gas, shoot and arrest you. Likewise, if you organize and/or participate in an online protest without taking certain precautions (which is what I am charged with by USDOJ) it will be a matter of mere days or weeks before armed FBI agents kick down your door, steal all your equipment – and haul you away to prison where you will spend years in conditions that many European nations have declared to be in gross violation of the UN Human Rights Accord (which the USA, along with North Korea – did not sign). The simple fact is that the USA is just as intolerant of dissent as nations like China or North Korea, they are just far better at painting it over with empty rhetoric about life, liberty – and the pursuit of happiness.

Since entering political exile in Canada more than four years ago, I have watched numerous other information activists go into their own political exile in flight from persecution by the government of the USA. I watched Julian Assange enter the Ecuador Embassy in London. I watched Edward Snowden flee to Russia. And I watched as Matt Dehart and his family came here to Canada legally in a bid to secure political asylum, only to watch Canada turn him down and extradite him back to the USA. I predict that we are but the first wave of information activists who will flee the tyranny of the USA. There will be many more in the near future. If we all continue to speak out, especially those of us in political exile – against the human rights violations of the USA….perhaps one day in a distant future our grand-children will not have to live in a country that sends it’s best and brightest fleeing their own country in the dark of night from the jack-booted storm troopers.


Copyright © 2016 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

My Enemies Enemy: Why Operation ISIS Is A Bad Idea For Anonymous

By Commander X

Over the course of this winter several Anon Cells and many individual Anons have participated in “Operation ISIS” also referred to as “Operation Paris”. This massive and global Op successfully targeting ISIS, Al-Nursa, and Boko Harem has absorbed huge resources within the Global Collective, and held much of the world’s attention riveted.  To be clear, I am not debating in the least either this Op’s scope, nor it’s effectiveness. What I will argue though, is that this Op is the single most damaging Op to ever have been launched by Anonymous.

In one of his recent communiques from a Federal penal colony in the USA, Jeremy Hammond laid out an incredibly cogent and powerful argument against the continued prosecution of Operation ISIS by Anonymous. I encourage you to pause and read the words of this brilliant Anarchist and faithful Anonymous participant:


In this incredible piece, Jeremy focuses on the effect Op ISIS has on world peace and the anti-war movement. This is the crux of his argument, and as I said it’s powerful. Jeremy has mythic stature within the Global Collective of Anonymous, and his brutal indictment of Op ISIS is crucial to those of us active Anons who would like to see this ill-fated action wrapped up.

Lending their voices to this anti-Op ISIS camp, a group of very well respected and influential Anons recently released a joint statement:


In this open letter, the ideas of Jeremy Hammond regarding the effect on the anti-war movement were expanded to begin to explore the idea that we are in fact aiding a virulent enemy by fighting that enemies battles for them. And since so much ground has already been covered by these other great Anons above I want to take this last point, which is embodied within my chosen title for this piece – and expand upon it at more length.

Because not only does Op ISIS aid the military-industrial complex, do harm to civilians – and weaken the anti-war movement. In addition to these things, Op ISIS also greatly assists the USA and NATO – both of whom are sworn enemies of Anonymous. In fact both the USA and NATO have actually classified the peaceful movement of Anonymous in the same category as ISIS, Al-Nursa and other radical jihadists. Amazing heroes like Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown are doing insane amounts of time in the USA Federal penal system, a system so brutal that several European countries will not extradite hackers to the USA anymore because their prisons fail to meet the minimum standards required by the UN Human Rights Accord.

So if we are at war with (and taking casualties from) NATO and the USA, and if Anonymous is as the Snowden leaks proved classified in the same category as ISIS by our enemies – then why on earth would we want to assist the USA and NATO in their war against these jihadists?  Will this not simply free up NATO and USA resources that they can then turn against Anonymous, against us?  In what way does this make any strategic sense at all?  Will the USA pardon Hammond and Brown from gratitude?  Will we even get a “thank you” from NATO?  Of course not. President Obama knows all about Anonymous, and he and his administration hate us. NATO Central Command has called us the biggest danger to global stability in the world. These people want Anons either locked in a cage or dead.

Op  ISIS is un-ethical, immoral – and damaging to world peace. It only aids the military industrial complex of the USA and NATO. It weakens Anonymous by aiding our enemies and giving our enemies another easy route by which to infiltrate us. I would guess over half of the “Anons” leading Op ISIS are in fact Federal  law enforcement or intelligence agents. And the ample arguments put forth in this piece don’t even begin to delve into the historical fact that the USA, through militaristic and diplomatic blundering – essentially created ISIS in the first place!  Along with the other voices of Anonymous quoted in this piece, I add my own: let’s end Op ISIS and let the USA and NATO battle their own monsters. At least until Jeremy and Barrett get their Presidential pardons. Then we’ll talk.


Copyright © 2016 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.


Yashodhara: The Forgotten Wife Of A Buddha

By Commander X

“Yashodhara. Do you know that name? 

Prince Siddhartha Gautama….Sakyamuni….Buddha.

Everybody knows these names.


~~ Pema – ‘Samsara’

In the scene above from the epic Tibetan motion picture “Samsara”, a high Lama (Tashi played by Shawn Ku) who left the monastery to marry and father a son has unwittingly recreated the moment when Gautama Buddha left his wife Yashodhara and his son Rahul. His wife (Pema played by Christy Chung) has ridden ahead of him and met him at the outskirts of the monastery. And she is about to channel Yashodhara on this wayward male in a way that will strip his poor soul down to the chassis in about eight minutes.

I was moved to a deep and abiding philosophical introspection after watching this part of the movie “Samsara”. Christy Chung, in the character of Pema – has with her amazing talent managed to channel Yashodhara in such a visceral, real, and spiritual way that one is left weeping for the incredible suffering of the long neglected wife of the Buddha. Every question Pema asks remains ringing in my troubled heart. Was Yashodhara broken hearted when Siddhartha left her so cruelly?  Did she feel anger or dispair?  And what did she tell their son Rahul when he got older?  How did she explain to a young man a father’s choices such as Prince Siddhartha made?  Why is Buddhism so silent, almost embarrassed  by this saint?

There is much ado in Buddhist Scripture and commentary about how Gautama suffered from having to make such a cold decision, his Family in exchange for enlightenment. But on the subject of Yashodhara’s arguably much greater suffering we have nothing but silence in the sacred texts.


And dear Pema asks the most important question ever: would Sakyamuni Buddha have even gained enlightenment without Yashodhara?  What little has been passed down to us from 2500 years ago is that Yashodhara was a deeply compassionate and even saintly person, always engaged in acts of charity with the most disenfranchised while Gautama was still cavorting in his royal palace oblivious to the very existence of suffering.

But the moment that struck me the hardest during the clip above is when Pema so succinctly describes the futility of a woman’s position in our world. Only a man could have made the choice Prince Siddhartha made when he slunk off into the night without a word. No woman is capable of so blithely walking away from their child. No amount of patriarchal reform in religion or society can ever alter this universal verity, that men will always have choices women can never have. And a woman’s suffering and despair at these times will always be uniquely their own to know and bear. A man can only bear silent and respectful witness when the heart of a truly good woman breaks with despair. At times like this, even the universe itself can not help but weep anguished tears.

Vajrayana Buddhism, like many other schools of Buddhism – has a deeply patriarchal culture. Only very recently, and due to the intense lobbying at the highest levels by a few mostly western Nuns – has the first woman in a thousand years been granted the esteemed degree of Geshe. It is still almost impossible for a woman to be ordained, much less be recognized as a Tulku – a Rinpoche (Precious One). This must change, and it is up  to us male Buddhists to effect this change – and quickly. This much at least, we can do something about. If the most enlightened religion on earth can not eliminate patriarchy and treat their woman with the respect they deserve, then what hope is there for the world?

For myself, I have been deeply shaken by these thoughts and ideas precipitated by the scene in the clip at the beginning of this article. I am going to add the veneration of Yashodhara, of her beautiful heart and anguished sacrifice and suffering – to my regular Buddhist practice. And in doing so, I am going to choose to envision her as a truly enlightened Wisdom Master. Maybe she was even a Buddha. If there is any correlation between the depth of her suffering and her enlightenment, then it is almost certainly the case.

Finally, I am going to spare much more thought and reflection on the women that I myself have left behind in my quest for freedom and glory. My Sister. The lady I was with when I fled the USA. Others. For I have found now that I am as guilty of forgetting the suffering of these women in my life as everyone in history is of forgetting Yashodhara. We may never be able to completely change what it means to be men. But thanks to women in history like Yashodhara, we can be forever reminded that the universe is not always gender-neutral in it’s distribution of suffering.


Copyright © 2015 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

The State Of Anonymous: A Decade Of Lulz And Revolution

By Commander X

As the Global Collective of Anonymous marks our 5th Annual Worldwide Million Mask March, I thought it might be useful to examine the current state of Anonymous. As I pen this article, an estimated 1.5 million Anons are marching in Mask on their seats of government in approximately 675 cities around the world.

“Remember, remember the 5th of November – the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!”

To begin, let us examine the broad state of the Global Collective of Anonymous as it stands ten years out. We have currently identified some 85 National Cells of Anonymous worldwide, with approximately 2.5 million active participants.

National Anonymous Cells

To be included in this list we looked for three primary criteria: a stylized and unique national logo, an active Twitter account – and a website of some sort. Now obviously, National Cells such as Anonymous Afghanistan or Anonymous Vietnam are quite likely very small – consisting of perhaps a few dedicated individuals in those countries. But others, especially in Africa (check out Anonymous Kenya) or South America (see the amazing Anonymous Venezuela) are some of the largest National Cells in our Global Collective – and are very active and effective politically within their country’s sphere. And even more amazing is that many of these “third world” National Cells dwarf their western counterparts such as Anonymous USA or Anonymous UK.

In the past year we have seen some truly epic and historic Anonymous Operations conducted by these incredible National Cells of Anonymous working together or on their own. These Ops have truly had a magnificent impact politically and socially. From Operation Ferguson in the USA ( to Anonymous Honduras recent Operation No More Corruption that managed to bring down their government in about a month – Anonymous is making it’s might felt all across the world this year more powerfully than ever. In the past couple of years Anonymous Philippines has been so successful both online and in the streets that they have quite dramatically changed the political dynamic in that country, leaving their government in tatters and quite afraid of this enormously powerful National Cell. Anonymous Palestine, while it is a compact National Cell has not only been battering Israel over the Occupation – but they even had enough resources to spare that they were able to be extremely helpful to Anonymous Operation Ferguson in it’s early weeks last year.


And in a strange twist, Anonymous Operation ISIS  lead by the powerful allied crew Ghost Security has been more effective in the past year at denying these terrorists access to the Internet and social media than all the worlds intelligence and law enforcement agencies combined!  An incredible feat for a small group of hacktivists with almost no funding.

No assessment of the current state of Anonymous would be complete without an examination of certain conflicts currently raging within or between a few of the National Cells. First a general word about conflict within Anonymous. It should not surprise anyone that in a massive global movement based at least in part on cyber warfare, that at some point a bit of in-fighting will break out. Not only is this inevitable, but it is sometimes good for the movement in the long-term as it serves as practice for when we turn our sights on the governments and corporations.

The first of these conflicts we’ll look at, and one that has been in the media a bit lately – is the battle that has been raging for many years between Anonymous Pakistan and Anonymous India. This battle is primarily fought over the political issue revolving around the Kashmir. While Anonymous India seems to have the upper hand in these ongoing skirmishes, and thus still has a little energy left to actually challenge corruption and tyranny within their own country – both National Cells are almost exclusively engaged in this internecine  conflict. In any case, neither National Cell is of any use whatsoever to the rest of the Global Collective of Anonymous, being completely consumed by this conflict and leaving both of these National Cells essentially paralyzed.

The other notable conflict is the seemingly perpetual battle between an insignificant number of 4chan trolls and haters who are still upset that the social justice activists essentially stole some of their memes and used them to create the Anonymous Global Collective we have today, and the Anons in Anonymous USA. This long simmering and rather one sided conflict has been ongoing since Op Chanology in 2008, and flares up again from time to time as the 4chan trolls and associated haters reach a crescendo of butt hurt at their complete lack of significance in the world. The conflict is limited to the Anonymous USA National Cell, and the vast majority of Anons worldwide are actually oblivious to it. This year, through the usual devious means and some lucky hacking – the 4chan idiots and their cadre of trolls and haters managed to cripple a couple of major domestic Ops in the USA – including Operation Ferguson.

The confusion and dis-information this conflict has generated has more or less rendered Anonymous USA paralyzed and diminished it to virtual insignificance within the overall Global Collective for the time being. While this sucks for the Anons in the USA, it really has not had any major effect on the Global Collective of Anonymous due to the simple fact that it has been many years since Anonymous USA was even relevant within Anonymous worldwide.

Million Mask March 2015: Manila, Philippines
Million Mask March 2015: Manila, Philippines

One has only to look at the number of attendees at several of the third world Million Mask Marches today, such as Manila and Caracas (many thousands in each city) – and compare those with the paltry 300 at the White House to see the truth in this. Many Anons have tried to call for “peace” within Anonymous USA, but it is my opinion this can not be achieved. You can not negotiate a peace with nihilistic terrorist trolls who are the very antithesis of everything Anonymous stands for. Only when the Anons in the USA learn how to ostracize, isolate – and render inert these cancerous individuals so as to protect their Ops from their destructive acts and corrosive influence will Anonymous USA begin to thrive and grow and once again become a functioning part of the Global Collective.  This can be done, but that’s a topic for another article entirely.

These internecine conflicts involving a few National Cells aside, the overall state of the Anonymous Global Collective is….astounding.  Consider that a mere ten years ago Anonymous consisted of maybe ten thousand participants in two hazily defined National Cells (Anonymous USA & Anonymous UK). A decade later we have, as mentioned above – an estimated 2.5 million participants in 85 National Cells. From the Freedom Ops of the “Arab Spring” to the recent downfall of the President of Honduras, Anonymous has been wielding geo-political power on a scale that is epic and historic for an essentially anarchic and decentralized political movement. Anonymous may be only an idea, but a decade after it was crystallized it may well have become the most powerful idea in human history.

Copyright © 2015 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

Treachery Most Foul: The Betrayal Of Operation Ferguson

By Commander X

Shortly after I launched Anonymous Operation Ferguson on August 9, 2014 (the very day Michael Brown was murdered) I realized that I was going to need help running such a huge undertaking. As I worked to build the web site and set up the rest of the Op, I also searched for reliable Anons and activists that I could enlist to form a core team. Several of these people wish to remain anonymous, but they were and are invaluable to this historic Op. A few such as myself have already made their association with Op Ferguson public. Anon Cop Watch (@AnonCopWatch), who is an activist and Anon in the St. Louis area is one I leaned on heavy during those first frantic weeks. Later, Eric Garner’s daughter Erica (@es_snipes) honored us by joining the Op Ferguson team and helped man our Twitter feed during some of the most hectic protests on the ground across the USA. At least one Anon, a black woman in Ferguson no less – was a treasured member of our team and a real asset when covering the unrest there for over a year.

The last and latest member to be invited to join the core team running Anonymous Operation Ferguson was an individual called Laurelai Bailey (@StuxnetSource). I asked her to join the team in the weeks before the all important 1st anniversary of Michael Brown’s death for the sole purpose of having her shore up the late night coverage of our Twitter account. It was the only aspect of the Op Ferguson infrastructure that she was given administrative access to.


Approximately three weeks after the 1st anniversary of the launch of Anonymous Operation Ferguson, without any warning, consultation, or discussion with any of the other members of the core Op Ferguson team – Laurelai Bailey seized control of the Twitter account and locked us all out. Since that day she has used the account to spread malicious lies about Op Ferguson, it’s team, and in particular myself – it’s founder. Within days she had alienated most of our closest allies and activists on the ground – and despite her insistence that she intended to surrender this Twitter account which at the time of it’s hijacking had over 77 thousand followers to a “black female activist” – she continues to use it to attack any and all activists and Anons who dare challenge her amoral seizure of the Op Ferguson Twitter account. As we shall explore below, this is not at all surprising given her sordid history in online activism. As of this writing, some 5 thousand people have un-followed the original Op Ferguson twitter account as Laurelai Bailey continues to run it into the ground with her vitriolic hate campaign against anyone she dislikes.

As it turns out, there is more to this person than any of us ever realized. Several activist journalists have gone to great lengths to document this woman’s long and storied career of hate, sabotage and snitching within both the Trans community as well as Anonymous. The evil she has perpetrated, and the trail of people she has horribly victimized – staggers the imagination.

Laurelai Bailey Dox

” Laurelai Bailey is a transwoman who’s been in a myriad of drama over the past years, from rising to dominance of SRS and falling horrifically, to ratting out lulzsec to the FBI, to rape scandals and statutory rape.”

“The living embodiment of all that is terrible and dramatic…”

“Laurelai likes to consider herself a social justice advocate, regardless of the paths she has to take to achieve the goal of destroying those opposing her, with her most recent target being the whole of GamerGate. Her relatively recent idea of how to win over the GGers? Host her own CP (child porn) forum on 8chan, and then as soon as it’s created, shoot the link to a journalist in Canada to report on how Gamergate knowingly affiliates itself with child pornography.”

“Funnily enough the journalist she sent the link to got put under investigation by the Canadian government for CP (child porn). Wasn’t just play-pretend, apparently.”

“Laurelai raped a woman and forced her to testify in LL’s defense.”

“Her favorite activity is to use her status as a poor transwoman sex-worker to garner sympathy from advocate groups to cover her tracks. She is damaging to everyone she comes into contact with and is a blight to women, transgender people, sex workers, social justice advocates and whatever other identity she tries to claim. Fuck her in particular for riding in the wake of a teenager’s suicide to try and amplify her harassment of someone she raped.”

“A couple of years ago, I was in a group alongside Laurelai. I stood by as she implicated some college dude for CP (child porn) to his university and the FBI, a life-ruining sentence.”


This is just a small glimpse into the nature and character of the person who now has sole control over the original Op Ferguson twitter account (@OpFerguson). A rapist, saboteur – and FBI informant. It can not be over emphasized how incredibly dangerous this person is. An insane and sociopathic snitch is now in complete control of one of the largest FTP twitter accounts in history.

In the days immediately after Laurelai stole the Op Ferguson twitter account, the remaining core team members met continuously online. It was the consensus that Anonymous Operation Ferguson is much more than just a single Twitter account, no matter how large and famous. We still had the original web site, Top Level Domain Name (, servers and other infrastructure that was painstakingly built in the course of over a year. But more importantly Op Ferguson was us, the people who had worked so hard to build one of the most historic Ops in Anonymous history. The history and legacy (archived on our website) of Anonymous Operation Ferguson was ours, and no creepy psychopathic fed informant could ever steal that from us.

The decision by the core Op Ferguson team was to replace the stolen Twitter account (follow @OpFerguson2015) and to soldier on. For us, it’s not about a single social media account, it’s all about Black Lives Matter and obtaining justice for Mike Brown. This Op, this team – has been here fighting since before they collected Mike’s body from the street. We will survive this hideous act of treachery by this unfathomably evil person and remain steadfast until Michael Brown’s family gets justice and the killing stops. We invite you to join us on this quest and support Anonymous Operation Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement. Together we can stop the killing forever.


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