Yashodhara: The Forgotten Wife Of A Buddha

By Commander X

“Yashodhara. Do you know that name? 

Prince Siddhartha Gautama….Sakyamuni….Buddha.

Everybody knows these names.


~~ Pema – ‘Samsara’

In the scene above from the epic Tibetan motion picture “Samsara”, a high Lama (Tashi played by Shawn Ku) who left the monastery to marry and father a son has unwittingly recreated the moment when Gautama Buddha left his wife Yashodhara and his son Rahul. His wife (Pema played by Christy Chung) has ridden ahead of him and met him at the outskirts of the monastery. And she is about to channel Yashodhara on this wayward male in a way that will strip his poor soul down to the chassis in about eight minutes.

I was moved to a deep and abiding philosophical introspection after watching this part of the movie “Samsara”. Christy Chung, in the character of Pema – has with her amazing talent managed to channel Yashodhara in such a visceral, real, and spiritual way that one is left weeping for the incredible suffering of the long neglected wife of the Buddha. Every question Pema asks remains ringing in my troubled heart. Was Yashodhara broken hearted when Siddhartha left her so cruelly?  Did she feel anger or dispair?  And what did she tell their son Rahul when he got older?  How did she explain to a young man a father’s choices such as Prince Siddhartha made?  Why is Buddhism so silent, almost embarrassed  by this saint?

There is much ado in Buddhist Scripture and commentary about how Gautama suffered from having to make such a cold decision, his Family in exchange for enlightenment. But on the subject of Yashodhara’s arguably much greater suffering we have nothing but silence in the sacred texts.


And dear Pema asks the most important question ever: would Sakyamuni Buddha have even gained enlightenment without Yashodhara?  What little has been passed down to us from 2500 years ago is that Yashodhara was a deeply compassionate and even saintly person, always engaged in acts of charity with the most disenfranchised while Gautama was still cavorting in his royal palace oblivious to the very existence of suffering.

But the moment that struck me the hardest during the clip above is when Pema so succinctly describes the futility of a woman’s position in our world. Only a man could have made the choice Prince Siddhartha made when he slunk off into the night without a word. No woman is capable of so blithely walking away from their child. No amount of patriarchal reform in religion or society can ever alter this universal verity, that men will always have choices women can never have. And a woman’s suffering and despair at these times will always be uniquely their own to know and bear. A man can only bear silent and respectful witness when the heart of a truly good woman breaks with despair. At times like this, even the universe itself can not help but weep anguished tears.

Vajrayana Buddhism, like many other schools of Buddhism – has a deeply patriarchal culture. Only very recently, and due to the intense lobbying at the highest levels by a few mostly western Nuns – has the first woman in a thousand years been granted the esteemed degree of Geshe. It is still almost impossible for a woman to be ordained, much less be recognized as a Tulku – a Rinpoche (Precious One). This must change, and it is up  to us male Buddhists to effect this change – and quickly. This much at least, we can do something about. If the most enlightened religion on earth can not eliminate patriarchy and treat their woman with the respect they deserve, then what hope is there for the world?

For myself, I have been deeply shaken by these thoughts and ideas precipitated by the scene in the clip at the beginning of this article. I am going to add the veneration of Yashodhara, of her beautiful heart and anguished sacrifice and suffering – to my regular Buddhist practice. And in doing so, I am going to choose to envision her as a truly enlightened Wisdom Master. Maybe she was even a Buddha. If there is any correlation between the depth of her suffering and her enlightenment, then it is almost certainly the case.

Finally, I am going to spare much more thought and reflection on the women that I myself have left behind in my quest for freedom and glory. My Sister. The lady I was with when I fled the USA. Others. For I have found now that I am as guilty of forgetting the suffering of these women in my life as everyone in history is of forgetting Yashodhara. We may never be able to completely change what it means to be men. But thanks to women in history like Yashodhara, we can be forever reminded that the universe is not always gender-neutral in it’s distribution of suffering.


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The State Of Anonymous: A Decade Of Lulz And Revolution

By Commander X

As the Global Collective of Anonymous marks our 5th Annual Worldwide Million Mask March, I thought it might be useful to examine the current state of Anonymous. As I pen this article, an estimated 1.5 million Anons are marching in Mask on their seats of government in approximately 675 cities around the world.

“Remember, remember the 5th of November – the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!”

To begin, let us examine the broad state of the Global Collective of Anonymous as it stands ten years out. We have currently identified some 85 National Cells of Anonymous worldwide, with approximately 2.5 million active participants.

National Anonymous Cells

To be included in this list we looked for three primary criteria: a stylized and unique national logo, an active Twitter account – and a website of some sort. Now obviously, National Cells such as Anonymous Afghanistan or Anonymous Vietnam are quite likely very small – consisting of perhaps a few dedicated individuals in those countries. But others, especially in Africa (check out Anonymous Kenya) or South America (see the amazing Anonymous Venezuela) are some of the largest National Cells in our Global Collective – and are very active and effective politically within their country’s sphere. And even more amazing is that many of these “third world” National Cells dwarf their western counterparts such as Anonymous USA or Anonymous UK.

In the past year we have seen some truly epic and historic Anonymous Operations conducted by these incredible National Cells of Anonymous working together or on their own. These Ops have truly had a magnificent impact politically and socially. From Operation Ferguson in the USA (www.OperationFerguson.cf) to Anonymous Honduras recent Operation No More Corruption that managed to bring down their government in about a month – Anonymous is making it’s might felt all across the world this year more powerfully than ever. In the past couple of years Anonymous Philippines has been so successful both online and in the streets that they have quite dramatically changed the political dynamic in that country, leaving their government in tatters and quite afraid of this enormously powerful National Cell. Anonymous Palestine, while it is a compact National Cell has not only been battering Israel over the Occupation – but they even had enough resources to spare that they were able to be extremely helpful to Anonymous Operation Ferguson in it’s early weeks last year.


And in a strange twist, Anonymous Operation ISIS  lead by the powerful allied crew Ghost Security has been more effective in the past year at denying these terrorists access to the Internet and social media than all the worlds intelligence and law enforcement agencies combined!  An incredible feat for a small group of hacktivists with almost no funding.

No assessment of the current state of Anonymous would be complete without an examination of certain conflicts currently raging within or between a few of the National Cells. First a general word about conflict within Anonymous. It should not surprise anyone that in a massive global movement based at least in part on cyber warfare, that at some point a bit of in-fighting will break out. Not only is this inevitable, but it is sometimes good for the movement in the long-term as it serves as practice for when we turn our sights on the governments and corporations.

The first of these conflicts we’ll look at, and one that has been in the media a bit lately – is the battle that has been raging for many years between Anonymous Pakistan and Anonymous India. This battle is primarily fought over the political issue revolving around the Kashmir. While Anonymous India seems to have the upper hand in these ongoing skirmishes, and thus still has a little energy left to actually challenge corruption and tyranny within their own country – both National Cells are almost exclusively engaged in this internecine  conflict. In any case, neither National Cell is of any use whatsoever to the rest of the Global Collective of Anonymous, being completely consumed by this conflict and leaving both of these National Cells essentially paralyzed.

The other notable conflict is the seemingly perpetual battle between an insignificant number of 4chan trolls and haters who are still upset that the social justice activists essentially stole some of their memes and used them to create the Anonymous Global Collective we have today, and the Anons in Anonymous USA. This long simmering and rather one sided conflict has been ongoing since Op Chanology in 2008, and flares up again from time to time as the 4chan trolls and associated haters reach a crescendo of butt hurt at their complete lack of significance in the world. The conflict is limited to the Anonymous USA National Cell, and the vast majority of Anons worldwide are actually oblivious to it. This year, through the usual devious means and some lucky hacking – the 4chan idiots and their cadre of trolls and haters managed to cripple a couple of major domestic Ops in the USA – including Operation Ferguson.

The confusion and dis-information this conflict has generated has more or less rendered Anonymous USA paralyzed and diminished it to virtual insignificance within the overall Global Collective for the time being. While this sucks for the Anons in the USA, it really has not had any major effect on the Global Collective of Anonymous due to the simple fact that it has been many years since Anonymous USA was even relevant within Anonymous worldwide.

Million Mask March 2015: Manila, Philippines
Million Mask March 2015: Manila, Philippines

One has only to look at the number of attendees at several of the third world Million Mask Marches today, such as Manila and Caracas (many thousands in each city) – and compare those with the paltry 300 at the White House to see the truth in this. Many Anons have tried to call for “peace” within Anonymous USA, but it is my opinion this can not be achieved. You can not negotiate a peace with nihilistic terrorist trolls who are the very antithesis of everything Anonymous stands for. Only when the Anons in the USA learn how to ostracize, isolate – and render inert these cancerous individuals so as to protect their Ops from their destructive acts and corrosive influence will Anonymous USA begin to thrive and grow and once again become a functioning part of the Global Collective.  This can be done, but that’s a topic for another article entirely.

These internecine conflicts involving a few National Cells aside, the overall state of the Anonymous Global Collective is….astounding.  Consider that a mere ten years ago Anonymous consisted of maybe ten thousand participants in two hazily defined National Cells (Anonymous USA & Anonymous UK). A decade later we have, as mentioned above – an estimated 2.5 million participants in 85 National Cells. From the Freedom Ops of the “Arab Spring” to the recent downfall of the President of Honduras, Anonymous has been wielding geo-political power on a scale that is epic and historic for an essentially anarchic and decentralized political movement. Anonymous may be only an idea, but a decade after it was crystallized it may well have become the most powerful idea in human history.

Copyright © 2015 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.

Treachery Most Foul: The Betrayal Of Operation Ferguson

By Commander X

Shortly after I launched Anonymous Operation Ferguson on August 9, 2014 (the very day Michael Brown was murdered) I realized that I was going to need help running such a huge undertaking. As I worked to build the web site and set up the rest of the Op, I also searched for reliable Anons and activists that I could enlist to form a core team. Several of these people wish to remain anonymous, but they were and are invaluable to this historic Op. A few such as myself have already made their association with Op Ferguson public. Anon Cop Watch (@AnonCopWatch), who is an activist and Anon in the St. Louis area is one I leaned on heavy during those first frantic weeks. Later, Eric Garner’s daughter Erica (@es_snipes) honored us by joining the Op Ferguson team and helped man our Twitter feed during some of the most hectic protests on the ground across the USA. At least one Anon, a black woman in Ferguson no less – was a treasured member of our team and a real asset when covering the unrest there for over a year.

The last and latest member to be invited to join the core team running Anonymous Operation Ferguson was an individual called Laurelai Bailey (@StuxnetSource). I asked her to join the team in the weeks before the all important 1st anniversary of Michael Brown’s death for the sole purpose of having her shore up the late night coverage of our Twitter account. It was the only aspect of the Op Ferguson infrastructure that she was given administrative access to.


Approximately three weeks after the 1st anniversary of the launch of Anonymous Operation Ferguson, without any warning, consultation, or discussion with any of the other members of the core Op Ferguson team – Laurelai Bailey seized control of the Twitter account and locked us all out. Since that day she has used the account to spread malicious lies about Op Ferguson, it’s team, and in particular myself – it’s founder. Within days she had alienated most of our closest allies and activists on the ground – and despite her insistence that she intended to surrender this Twitter account which at the time of it’s hijacking had over 77 thousand followers to a “black female activist” – she continues to use it to attack any and all activists and Anons who dare challenge her amoral seizure of the Op Ferguson Twitter account. As we shall explore below, this is not at all surprising given her sordid history in online activism. As of this writing, some 5 thousand people have un-followed the original Op Ferguson twitter account as Laurelai Bailey continues to run it into the ground with her vitriolic hate campaign against anyone she dislikes.

As it turns out, there is more to this person than any of us ever realized. Several activist journalists have gone to great lengths to document this woman’s long and storied career of hate, sabotage and snitching within both the Trans community as well as Anonymous. The evil she has perpetrated, and the trail of people she has horribly victimized – staggers the imagination.

Laurelai Bailey Dox

” Laurelai Bailey is a transwoman who’s been in a myriad of drama over the past years, from rising to dominance of SRS and falling horrifically, to ratting out lulzsec to the FBI, to rape scandals and statutory rape.”

“The living embodiment of all that is terrible and dramatic…”

“Laurelai likes to consider herself a social justice advocate, regardless of the paths she has to take to achieve the goal of destroying those opposing her, with her most recent target being the whole of GamerGate. Her relatively recent idea of how to win over the GGers? Host her own CP (child porn) forum on 8chan, and then as soon as it’s created, shoot the link to a journalist in Canada to report on how Gamergate knowingly affiliates itself with child pornography.”

“Funnily enough the journalist she sent the link to got put under investigation by the Canadian government for CP (child porn). Wasn’t just play-pretend, apparently.”

“Laurelai raped a woman and forced her to testify in LL’s defense.”

“Her favorite activity is to use her status as a poor transwoman sex-worker to garner sympathy from advocate groups to cover her tracks. She is damaging to everyone she comes into contact with and is a blight to women, transgender people, sex workers, social justice advocates and whatever other identity she tries to claim. Fuck her in particular for riding in the wake of a teenager’s suicide to try and amplify her harassment of someone she raped.”

“A couple of years ago, I was in a group alongside Laurelai. I stood by as she implicated some college dude for CP (child porn) to his university and the FBI, a life-ruining sentence.”


This is just a small glimpse into the nature and character of the person who now has sole control over the original Op Ferguson twitter account (@OpFerguson). A rapist, saboteur – and FBI informant. It can not be over emphasized how incredibly dangerous this person is. An insane and sociopathic snitch is now in complete control of one of the largest FTP twitter accounts in history.

In the days immediately after Laurelai stole the Op Ferguson twitter account, the remaining core team members met continuously online. It was the consensus that Anonymous Operation Ferguson is much more than just a single Twitter account, no matter how large and famous. We still had the original web site, Top Level Domain Name (www.OperationFerguson.cf), servers and other infrastructure that was painstakingly built in the course of over a year. But more importantly Op Ferguson was us, the people who had worked so hard to build one of the most historic Ops in Anonymous history. The history and legacy (archived on our website) of Anonymous Operation Ferguson was ours, and no creepy psychopathic fed informant could ever steal that from us.

The decision by the core Op Ferguson team was to replace the stolen Twitter account (follow @OpFerguson2015) and to soldier on. For us, it’s not about a single social media account, it’s all about Black Lives Matter and obtaining justice for Mike Brown. This Op, this team – has been here fighting since before they collected Mike’s body from the street. We will survive this hideous act of treachery by this unfathomably evil person and remain steadfast until Michael Brown’s family gets justice and the killing stops. We invite you to join us on this quest and support Anonymous Operation Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement. Together we can stop the killing forever.


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