Russians, Russians….Everywhere: What Really Happened To The 2016 US Election, Who Did It, & Why

By Commander X

Before we dive into a little reality check for America, I would like to lay out what this article is, and is not – and what you the reader can expect to take away from it. This way you can save time, and simply decide not to read further.

What I am willing to offer you is the Truth as I have discovered it. My quest for this particular Truth began quite sometime prior to even the concept of election hacking, with an investigation into the Guccifer phenomenon. I did not search out these Truths so that I could enlighten the world, I am not a journalist. This is part of my job as an Information Activist to be aware of the playing field and actors operating in Cyber Space. As such, I neither have, nor would I provide if I did – any sort of hard ‘forensic’ evidence of what I am about to tell you. For the average reader, the veracity of my conclusions must rest solely upon my own reputation in both knowledge and honesty. I am simply not in the business of providing evidence to the world and potentially law enforcement that could be used against my fellow hackers in the Underground. If it’s proof you demand, your journalists and law enforcement will need to seek that out themselves based on what I will present here – as I’ll not help them. That is their job, not mine.

What I will provide is a cogent and logical, albeit radically different – concept of what actually took place during the latest election cycle in the USA. It will tangent more than a few data points already in the public domain, more than enough to warrant and facilitate further investigation. Certainly enough to bring into question the prevailing narrative coming from the USA government and it’s proxy media in the west regarding the latest election. With all this in mind, this is what I learned investigating the circumstances of the 2016 Election in the USA.

As I stated above, my investigation began long before the election cycle in the USA even got underway, and was instead centered on what I have come to call the Guccifer Phenomenon. And here at the very beginning is where I will straight away leave the mainstream narrative behind with a startling discovery. Wrap your mind around this, Guccifer is not a person – it is a Crew!  Approximately six to eight individuals from Ukraine, Serbia, and Romania. Now let’s drill down on this so you understand exactly what I mean here. First I don’t believe this Crew ever called themselves Guccifer Crew. That was most likely a stage name, not even the actual hacker handle but a simple front name – for the person who was the leader of this Crew. An individual we now know is a Romanian hacker currently serving consecutive terms first in Romania than in the USA for cyber crime related offenses.

Eventually, I made contact with one member of this Crew whom I shall not name. Nor will I share what we discussed in specific terms. We talked in general about the state of hacktivism in the West versus Eastern Europe and Russia. We specifically spoke in that regard about Anonymous and it’s presence in Russia. I found this individual to be calm and thoughtful, intelligent and skilled. My feeling is that like so many Hacker Crews coming from that region, they didn’t even fly a flag or even have a name for their Crew. Certainly, they had no public meme like that. They did seem very tight, loyal, and compatible. While not affiliated with Anonymous, they were in contact with and worked with individual Anons and Anonymous Cells all over the world. A solid underground Crew with no need for glamor, or even a name. And certainly not affiliated with any Nation State. Of this, I’m absolutely certain.

Now let’s examine the three major cyber-related events that appear to have significantly influenced the Election, and caused massive chaos in the government of the USA. First, the hack and dump of the DNC E-Mail spool. We all know who everyone says did it, the omnipowerful and omnipresent Russian Spooks. Obviously, my investigation led me to a completely different conclusion. Instead, for me, the trail led to a Cell within the Global Collective called Anonymous Russia. This National Cell is managed by approximately eight individuals, six of whom have been arrested by Russian authorities since the election and charged with some extremely weird cyber-offenses. One member of this Cell managed to escape and is publicly seeking political asylum in Eastern Europe. I believe this Cell liberated the DNC E-Mail spool, gave it to the Guccifer Crew, who in turn delivered it to WikiLeaks for publication. This hand-off was necessitated not for obfuscation of nation state involvement, but because of the language gap – which the Guccifer Crew is better at navigating than Anonymous Russia.

The motive here was simple political hacktivism. Like it or not Russian Information Activists have as much reason (arguably more) to hate the USA as Jester and his “Patriot Hackers” have to hate Russia. And to argue they were either State sponsored or State sanctioned is ludicrous and ignores the glaring reality that the entire cell was wiped out by FSB, save one lone Anon who escaped – just after the election.

That brings us to the Podesta hack and dump of his personal E-Mail spool. This was accomplished in-house by the Guccifer Crew. And again, this was strictly motivated by political hacktivism, in this case specifically, it was the NATO interference in the Ukraine situation. Which brings us to the persona known publicly as Guccifer 2.0. There has been so much speculation as to this individual. Except….they’re not. An individual, that is. This is simply the main public account of the current Guccifer Crew (sans their leader, who’s in prison) which I believe is admined by the person who now leads the Crew, but is accessible to at least two other individuals in the Crew. There are numerous leads I can’t discuss that led me to this particular conclusion. But one piece of public evidence screams out, and cinched it up for me as a Black Hat hacker myself.

In the course of these events, both Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 gave interviews to main stream media outlets. It was the first, with the original Guccifer, currently incarcerated in Romania, that I paid the closest attention to in order to determine how legitimate Guccifer 2.0 was. You might ask, how does that work?  Simple. Black Hat hackers are a culture, and quite predictable in many areas. One of those is namespace. Your handle is everything, it’s your brand, your personal reputation, and eventually your legacy. Hackers in the Underground are extremely covetous of this namespace. The name Guccifer is a truly fantastic namespace, both topically because it just sounds cool and is easy to remember, and also because of the legacy the first original Guccifer attached to it with his amazing hacks. If Guccifer 2.0 were anything but 100% legitimate, the original Guccifer would have made an unmistakable point in no uncertain terms of outing and denying the persona during his interview. Instead, he did exactly the opposite, not saying one word about Guccifer 2.0. Because they were his Crew. Guccifer didn’t cooperate when captured, he remained loyal to his Crew and would do anything to protect them. This is all obvious and beyond dispute to actual Black Hat Hackers in the Underground, who understand that honor is everything and that collaborators should rot in hell.

This brings us to WikiLeaks. Some have tried to argue that these dumps could have been accomplished without the assistance of WikiLeaks. This is plain stupid. Yes, there are many disclosure platforms that have cropped up in WikiLeaks wake – but to have the sort of devastating political impact that these disclosures had requires the top shelf, not spin-offs. The expertise and sheer grace with which Julian navigated these bombshell disclosures once again affirms his utter genius in the realm of Information Activism.

There has been a massive attempt by the disingenuous msm media in the West to try to somehow connect WikiLeaks to the Russian government, thus explaining the motivation for his disclosure strategy. Now, I’m not going to attempt to speak for or climb into the head of Julian Assange, despite my deep love for him and the mutual respect we share as comrades in this movement. But I am going to state some obvious and well-known facts. WikiLeaks and Anonymous, as well as the Hacker Underground in the West – are at war with the government of the USA. This war was declared by the USDOJ in 2010, and has been raging ever since. This is well-established hacktivist history.

While no other motivation is necessary to adequately explain the actions of WikiLeaks in this election, there is another motivation I suspect crossed Assange’s mind. I know for a fact that for many years Julian’s over-arching concern has been obtaining the freedom of alleged leaker Chelsea Manning from her 35 year prison term. Her commutation was so controversial, so politically charged, that I believe Obama would have used any excuse he could find to avoid it. Had Hillary won the election, her being a fellow liberal may have been enough for Obama to say fuck it and punt the whole mess into her term for her to deal with. And come on, as much as Clinton despises WikiLeaks and Julian do you really believe she would have ever helped Manning?  I for one seriously doubt it. That would have meant at bare minimum Chelsea would have remained in a cage for an additional twelve to sixteen years awaiting a new pardon cycle with a new liberal leadership. And if that didn’t come, she may well have served the entire sentence – if she survived. Trump getting elected forced Obama’s hand, and left him with little choice but to do the right thing.

Tandem to WikiLeaks actions during the election, there were a handful of Anons and Information Activists here in the west (myself included) who seeing this successful strategy unfolding leaped in to assist WikiLeaks in the dissemination of the disclosures, and to generally support the effort by wreaking havoc in any way possible. This group was small, maybe eight individuals – as most of the western Information Activists didn’t understand the point and thought Julian had gone crazy or been co-opted by the Russians. And like everyone else we’ve examined so far, and particularly co-tangent to WikiLeaks – the motivation of this small band of hacktivists assisting Wikileaks was hatred of the USA for its political persecution of Information Activists using the brutal CFAA.

There has been much talk from the western White Hats about signatures. The Russian Spooks did it, because the IP address signature, the code signature, and the behavioral signatures all matched a supposed gang of Russian Agents hacking for the State. Let’s start with the IP signatures. Please. It’s called a VPN. Mine has three Russian exit nodes if I need them. Then there’s always IP spoofing. An IP is zero evidence of anything, and anyone who is honest needs to admit this. As for code signatures, this may impress the average citizen – but a Black Hat will simply laugh out loud. We trade, sell, and steal each others code (and code from White Hats as well) so much that this is a ridiculous thing to try and pin down. I just busted open a random script for a payload I have in my arsenal and I counted code from five countries on three continents in one package.

That leaves behavioral signatures. In the above analysis of the Election, there were essentially only two primary hacks involved, the DNC and Podesta attacks. They were both simple E-Mail spool theft and dump operations. Something the Russian Intelligence has never done in its entire history. But there is a group for whom E-Mail hack and dump is a very signature behavior: Anonymous. Let’s look at some recent history.

2008: Sarah Palin’s E-Mail is hacked by Anonymous and her spool is dumped to WikiLeaks, who published them.

2010: HB Gary Federal, a cyber security contractor – is hacked by Anonymous. Seventy thousand E-Mails are taken and published on Barrett Brown’s site Project PM.

2011: A hacktivist crew loosely affiliated with Anonymous called Anti Sec hacks the private Intelligence firm Stratfor, stealing years of E-Mail and eventually dumping them to WikiLeaks who published them as the “Global Intelligence Files”.

2012: My own Crew, together with Anti Sec – hack the E-Mail of the entire Syrian government, including the private accounts of President Assad and his wife. In total, over 70 million E-Mails are liberated, dumped to WikiLeaks, and were subsequently published.

How’s that for signature behavior?  O-o You know what they said to Snow White, right?  If the shoe fits….

This brings us to the final cyber phenomenon of the 2016 Election in the USA, the propaganda war. This is the one and only thing blamed on the Russians in which their government most likely had a hand. During all modern elections in the West, Russia has run a clumsy and awkward (and not terribly effective) online propaganda campaign aligned to their interests. They use a combination of so-called “fake news” posts generated in massive spam-like waves using easily obtainable software, and thousands of sock troll accounts on social media. Some of these socks are managed by paid trolls, others are run by government agents using software like Metal Gear designed to allow one person to control numerous online personas.

These campaigns are standard OP for Russian Intelligence, and are massive and quite expensive to run. They are also normally quite useless at having any effect at all on the target demographic, and are usually not even noticed by the general public. It is only the extremely unusual circumstances of this US election cycle that caused this ubiquitous Russian effort to gain some small traction and attention this time. It is the only direct intervention by the Russian State into the US election cycle in 2016, and I intend to dismiss it henceforth from this analysis simply because while it finally got noticed this time around, the shit simply doesn’t work. I have no idea why the Russians continue to pour money into these online troll propaganda campaigns, but they just do not work.

In conclusion, my investigation – unprecedented in that it was carried out from inside the Black Hat Underground culture, has determined that there was in fact a concerted effort to weaponize Trump by getting him elected. This was done so that he would sow chaos and discord within the Federal Government of the USA, with the over-arching goal of punishing it for its treatment of dissenters and Information Activists – and to lessen its ability to project its power globally and harm innocents. And while this goal may be something the Russian government also desires, and while they may have caught on and jumped on the coat-tails of this effort with a clumsy and ineffective propaganda campaign, the idea was not theirs, was certainly not directed by them – and in the end their contribution to this strike was minimal.

Rather the actions that led to Trump being elected and the ensuing mayhem within and damage to the government of the USA was carried out by a disparate and only loosely organized band of approximately 30 Information Activists from around the world, led by Julian Assange, whose interests coincidentally aligned, and who were reasonably lucky in their strategy. As discussed above this band included the Guccifer Crew, Anonymous Russia, WikiLeaks, and a handful of western Information Activists who chose to fly no flag for this action.

The results achieved in this strike were beyond even our most optimistic hopes. The Federal government is now essentially an Ouroboros, eating itself alive. Massive questions are being asked about the “deep state” comprised of the CIA/NSA/FBI surveillance complex. In fact, the White House has now been pitted directly against these evil entities thanks to the follow-up publication of the CIA Vault 7 WikiLeaks disclosures. The USA’s ability to project geopolitical power has been severely compromised by the lack of trust that even allied and friendly nations usually have for the USA. Unprecedented doubt has been thrown upon the so-called “American Democracy”, especially in its ability to have fair and free elections. And finally, Chelsea Manning will be released in May. A pretty astounding success for a few dozen hacktivists with laptops, working around the world to fight this Empire of the USA. And we did it without any help or direction from the non-existent Russian Spooks. This is the power of Information Activism. This is the power of the hacktivist. This is how Information Activism will do more in the next decade to make our world a more just and free place for humans than any movement in human history.

Post Script: I reiterate here the offer I have made publicly in recent months, to both the USA and Russian governments. I will gladly return to the USA in order to offer testimony and evidence to Congress regarding the election in the USA, the above report – and how to end the war between the world’s Black Hat hackers and the government of the USA by ceasing political persecution of Information Activists and reforming the CFAA. I will only give testimony to Congress or directly in person to President Trump, and I will never debrief either the FBI or the CIA. I will require in advance a full Presidential Pardon, and a guarantee of Full Immunity when I testify. 

The counter proposal is addressed to the Russian Government. I will happily travel to Moscow and testify under oath in the Duma regarding the details of the above report. The Russian people, and their government – have been so brutally maligned in the West that I feel they deserve to hear the Truth from someone who is actually on the inside of the Hacker Underground. I will require full and permanent political asylum and transport from Canada to Russia.

Copyright © 2017 by Christopher Doyon. All Rights Reserved.